Michael G. Cochrane LL.B.

Lawyer & Best-Selling Author

Surviving Your Divorce 6th Edition – Expanded and Updated:

The Guide to Canadian Family Law

Published: November 19, 2015

Class Action: Back of Book
Class Action: Back of Book

    The Book Lawyers give to their clients

    “This book is not intended to convince you to go it alone, without a lawyer. It’s designed, rather, to help you know what to expect…
    This is a book full of common-sense advice delivered in plain talk.”

      Trusted advice to help you through your divorce or separation.

      Divorce doesn’t have to be messy and bitter to be difficult. Even the most amicable break-ups are tough for everyone concerned. It’s hard to understand and deal with the legal and financial consequences of a marriage breakdown during such an emotionally charged time. For more than a decade, 
      Surviving Your Divorce has guided thousands of readers past the legal jargon of divorce to offer clear and candid guidance on how to survive a divorce or separation legally, financially, and emotionally.

      Responding to the growing complexity of family law in Canada, this 6th edition contains added resources–such as a Parenting Plan that helps parents develop solutions for child custody–and new and updated information in key areas including family loans, property and pensions, spousal support, wills and estates, common-law separations, and more.

      Canada’s leading book of its kind, Surviving Your Divorce combines essential, up-to-date information about the law with practical advice on and emotional support for everyday issues.

      “This readable, informative book is packed with all the information necessary to make informed decisions about marriage and divorce agreements. Cochrane has taken pains to describe just about every legal pitfall and divorce experience imaginable.