Michael G. Cochrane LL.B.

Lawyer & Best-Selling Author

Family Law in Ontario:
A Practical Guide for Lawyers and Law Clerks

This is a subscription service that is updated continuously and is now in it’s 30th year of publication

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Written in a concise and easy-to-read style, this resource offers a good balance of substantive and procedural elements of family law.

Learn how to:

  • Deal with domestic violence
  • Prepare your client for trial
  • Handle issues of the matrimonial home more effectively
  • Manage questions of entitlement
  • Deal more effectively with a dependant’s claim for damages

This invaluable text provides all the details you need to effectively meet the demands of your responsibilities:

    • The Family Law Rules
    • References to the Divorce Act and Family Law Act
    • Practical considerations such as:
      • Proper retainers
      • The collection of accounts
      • How to prepare financial statements
    • Detailed discussion of child support guidelines including relevant case law and discussion of the law regarding common law spouses and same-sex couples
    • Precedents
    • Sample forms
    • Sample letters to send to clients