Michael G. Cochrane LL.B.

Lawyer & Best-Selling Author

Night Soil:

Can there be justice without sin?

Published: June  2022

Book Cover: Night Soil, A Novel, Can there be Justice without sin?
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    “I’m a divorce lawyer; you’re not supposed to like me”   – Andrew Bierce, Q.C.

    Don’t worry, you won’t.

    From the back cover:

    He’s smart. He’s skilled. Ruthless. He knows every dark trick in the book. He should, he invented most of them. He’s expensive, very expensive, and downright nasty.

    Unfortunately for judges, lawyers, and opposing clients who cross his path, he’s also very effective. And that’s why the angry, the brokenhearted, and the bitter come to him with blank cheques to wage war in the courts.

    A popular TV actor divorcing an Olympic athlete, naïvely hoping to shield the gory details from the public; an amorous firefighter who starts more fires than he puts out; a famous but troubled rock star who blew up his marriage with, among other vices, the nanny; a heartbroken criminal lawyer demanding his engagement ring back from a notorious and unfaithful Crown Attorney; well-heeled businesspeople trying to protect their children and their wealth (not necessarily in that order); mothers, fathers, even grandparents, all hire Andrew Bierce, Q.C., looking for what? Results? Revenge? Retribution? Perhaps even justice?

    With blistering opinions of his colleagues, a withering contempt for the courts, bitter cynicism towards the law, flexible professional ethics, and a singular focus on victory through “total war,” he gives them all more than they ever bargained for, sometimes with tragic results.

    Can justice be delivered without sin?

    The Reviews are pouring in…

    Cochrane certainly knows how to write…Night Soil is one smart, wild and super charged ride from the start to its shocking finish.” -Tim Wolochatiuk, Producer/Director of We Were Children, Jonestown:Paradise Lost, Storming Juno, Impact of Terror and Mayday

    Impressive storytelling ….incredible, realistic and wild ride through some dark places in our court system…but with a great sense of humour.” -Lorne Honickman, Lawyer, Legal Affairs Commentator

    Beautifully written, wonderfully funny…all an accurate depiction of the madness of family law. I cannot recommend it enough.” -Bill Rogers, Family Law Lawyer, Toronto

    “You have a winner here. Climax is a blast.” -Marcel Strigberger, Lawyer and Author of “Boomers, Zoomers and Other Oomers.”

    Beautifully rendered with an ear for crisp, distinctive dialogue.”-Eric Murphy, Author of Phantom’s Gold

    Terrific read. I loved it. It was like a string of pearls with one tidbit after another strung along the necklace.” -Joel Miller, Family Law Lawyer, Toronto

    I was captivated…real page turner…so funny at times… laugh out loud.” -Verity Leach, Nova Scotia

    I could not put this book down! The mysterious plot had me reading into the night!.” -Omta David , Family Law Clerk, Toronto

    Thanks for a terrific read. I just finished reading Night Soil … I loved it..  It was like a string of pearls with one tidbit after another strung along the necklace..“-Joel Miller (Family Law Lawyer, Toronto)

    I was captivated … real page turner…so funny at times… laugh out loud…” -Verity Leach (Nova Scotia)

    I just finished Night Soil…LOVED IT!.. Hard to put down…terrific sense of humour…” Lawrence Pascoe (Family Lawyer, Ottawa)

    Awesome!“- M.H.

    Laugh out loud funny!“-B.L.

    Fantastic read!“- E.F.

    Amazing!“- E.M.