Michael G. Cochrane LL.B.

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Do We Need a Marriage Contract:

Understanding How a Legal Agreement Can Strengthen Your Life Together

Published: April 16, 2010

Class Action: Back of Book
Class Action: Back of Book

    Congratulations! You’ve decided to get married. It’s a wonderful time, but there’s more to think about than just the perfect wedding and honeymoon.

    Marriage is more complicated than it used to be. People are marrying later in life and perhaps for the second or third time. Often they are bringing more assets and more liabilities into the relationship, blending children from previous relationships, and generally facing all kinds of new challenges. Marriage contracts, wills and Powers of Attorney are all valuable ways to set your expectations in advance.

    Do We Need a Marriage Contract? is written in clear, nontechnical language and includes real-life examples based on Canadian cases. Cochrane includes a sample marriage contract to address the critical issues you need to be aware of, including:

    • Protection of assets brought into the marriage
    • The special practical and financial concerns of blending children into new families
    • Family pressure to have a marriage contract
    • Business pressure to have a marriage contract
    • How to have a discussion with your partner and not spoil the romance
    • How marriage contracts work with your wills and Powers of Attorney
    • How to work in a cost-effective way with a lawyer
    • How to avoid the relationship mistakes that lead to divorce

      This is your future together. Get it right from the very beginning. Take the advice of Michael Cochrane, a lawyer with more than 42 years of experience in family law, and carefully consider the numerous issues that can affect your relationship.